2011 Seiun Award Winners

2011 Seiun Award Winners

The Seiun Award (星雲賞) is one of Japan’s major SF awards. The 2011 winners have been announced, so here they are in English.

Japanese Novel: Yamamoto Hiroshi – Last Year Will Be a Good Year
山本弘 去年はいい年になるだろう

Japanese Short Story: Ogawa Issui – King Arisuma’s Beloved Demon
小川一水 アリスマ王の愛した魔物

Foreign Novel: Michael Flynn – Eifelheim

Foreign Short Story: James Lovegrove – Carry the Moon in My Pocket

Media: District 9

Comic: Arakawa Hiromu – Full Metal Alchemist
荒川弘 鋼の錬金術師

Art: Kato Naoyuki

Non-fiction: Tsukasa Shikano – Sa is for Saiensu (Science)
鹿野司 – サはサイエンスのサ

Open Category: The return of the Hayabusa Probe by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

Both Japanese winners, Yamamoto and Ogawa, have other books published in the US. Yamamoto’s is reviewed here. A review of Ogawa’s book is coming soon.