Extra Credit, July 21

Weekly Links

July 21, 2011

An interview with Malaysian writer K.S. Augustin on World SF.

SF Signal introduces their favorite future histories for Kirkus. (Part 1 is linked to inside of Part 2, the target of this link.) I would have included Brin’s Uplift as well. Possibly Cordwainer Smith and H. Beam Piper, though I haven’t read all of theirs.

A sale at Haikasoru for their second anniversary. If only I had a Kindle!

Suvudus offering a free Star Wars ebook.

Here’s another review of All You Need is Kill. Sci-fi Cool says almost exactly the same thing I do.

Finally, two links from Tor.com, which includes good articles and a lot of fluff in its weekly (or so) newsletter. First, Stefan Raets talks about being a Hugo voter.

Next, Game of Thrones Legos! I have thus far avoided George R.R. Martin’s doorstops, but who can say no to Legos?


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