Komatsu Sakyo dies at 80

Komatsu Sakyo, author of Japan Sinks and numerous other books has died. The Japan Times has details here. In Komatsu’s honor, I will dig up another of his books from the library, read it, and post a review as soon as possible.

2 thoughts on “Komatsu Sakyo dies at 80

  1. Interesting article in the Japan Times; Komatsu worked as a writer for Japanese stand-up comedy acts. Now there’s a mental image that one has trouble processing–Japanese stand-up. It goes against everything I’ve ever learned or observed about our friends from that side of the pond. Perhaps Pep could enlighten us a tad.

    • Because Tokyo is the face that Japan presents to the world, and Tokyo is full of boring people, Japanese comedy doesn’t get a lot of play internationally. Osaka is a comedy hotbed, with manzai, the local style, being a variation of the straight man – funny man shtick some Westerners do. There’s less of the lone guy standing at a mic style. Most people from Kansai are socialized into the manzai style from birth, as it is the natural way friends communicate. (Asami and I are no exception. She usually plays the tskomi (straight) to my boke (funny) role.)

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