Extra Credit, Aug. 18

Weekly Links
August 18, 2011

A funnier review of Flare.

Jefferson Road thinks the new Star Wars novel is worth checking out.

This article on SF Signal has a lot of big words, but is a worthy entry into what seems to be a wider blogosphere debate on “suspension of disbelief.” It obliquely touches on what I think may be the bigger question: Why do some people love SFF and others can’t stand it?

Another couple from Tor.com: Jo Walton, with whom I only agree with about 50% of the time but writes interesting and informative posts, reviews all the Hugo winners. Ever.

A very cool short story by a Korean author I was unfamiliar with, offering alternative narratives of stellar expansion.

More about Tsutsui Yasutaka. This review goes into more depth about the stories, but I suspect he doesn’t know much about Japan. Also, he didn’t like my favorite story of the bunch. (A couple of places slam Tsutsui for misogynism, and I agree that his female characters are shrewish, stupid, or both, but pretty much all of the men suck too. I think he just doesn’t like people.)


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