Extra Credit, Aug. 31

Weekly Links
August 31, 2011

Some wild stuff this week. First, John Scalzi’s response to the NPR Top 100.

Speaking of lists, Nonstop Press is releasing Science Fiction: The 101 Best Novels 1985-2010. I wonder how this compares to NPR.

A podcast interview with David Drake that I listened to in preparation for this Friday’s post. Drake just gets more interesting the more I hear about him and this is full of great stuff.

While in my review, I claimed laziness and didn’t look into Nancy Kress and the origins of Probability, I did later. This interview discusses it a bit and introduces The Flowers of Aulit Prison as a source. I was right – she cooked up World first and everything else second.

Anyone curious what a Gundam looks like, this guy has an impressive page dedicated to modeling them.

Finally, while I was searching for that Jo Walton link in the Ghost in the Shellpost, I came across this. I don’t know what world these people are from, but the hackers have rippling chests and no shirts. Jose still hasn’t recovered from seeing this.


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