Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Happy New Year all and welcome to 2013. With the new year come two new projects that Two Dudes is proud to be a part of. First, the Vintage SciFi Not-a-challenge, hosted by Little Red Reviewer. This will be a fun month-long excursion into the past, where a bunch of blogs collaborate to read and review old stuff. It promises to be a great chance to both look at ancient SF we might otherwise skip, and to meet others in the SF blogging community. I’ve already struck up conversations with a few new people and look forward to all the banter. Expect the first post within a couple of days.

Second is Stainless Steel Dropping’s 2013 Science Fiction Experience. This isn’t a thematically defined event, just a two month long exploration and celebration of science fiction. Carl V. at SSD is graciously providing a hub where all sorts of people can congregate, share posts and reviews, and just chew the fat about SF. As a broader event, this promises to introduce a diverse set of bloggers, not just the SF crew; I’ve already bounced my way into a Japan blogging circle by following Carl V.’s links.

So big thanks to Little Red Reviewer and Carl V. for taking the time to build these virtual water coolers for us. Stay tuned for posts, links, and illuminating commentary.



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