2013 Reading List

2013 Reading List

So this is a little late, and probably of less interest to the readership than my usual book reviews, but I want to get a list of titles down to reduce aimless confusion time at the library. As a bonus, I can check this later and shake my head sadly at all the failures. Good times. So in no particular order, with occasional commentary, this is my list of Stuff I Oughta Get Through This Year. (Note: I will add links as these get written up.) I may add or subtract to this list as the year marches on.

Tad Williams – Memory, Sorrow and Thorn
This is an easy one, since I’m already almost done with Book Two.

Peter F. Hamilton – Night’s Dawn Trilogy (Or at least some of it)
This just seems like something any self-respecting space opera buff would have read.

Iain M. Banks – At least one novel, probably Excession. Possibly more.
I am making my way through the Culture, roughly one book per year.

Steven Erikson – Whatever is next in the Malazan books. I think number five.

Eric Brown – The first of whatever series I can get my hands on. My library branch only has sequels. Boo.

Bradley Beaulieu – The Winds of Khalakovo

CJ Cherryh – Finish Cyteen. Probably read something else Alliance-Union as well, though her books are so heavy. It takes a certain fortitude to dive in.

Something in Japanese. I will likely start with The Girl Who Leaped Through Time, but I’ve got some more ambitious stuff on the shelf.

Haruki Murakami – IQ84
This has been sitting on the shelf far too long. It may jump off and attack me soon if I don’t read it.

Some classics: Heinlein, Anderson, Aldiss, Silverberg, etc. I’ve got a bunch of college syllabus type stuff waiting for me.

Something by Walter Jon Williams.

More LE Modesitt Jr., Stephen Baxter

Charlie Stross – Iron Sunrise, Rapture of the Nerds

China Mieville – The next Bas Lag books.

Mike Resnick – I should really finish the Starship series, and maybe something else. I’ve only been picking at the first for about four years now.