Possible Murakami Group Read

So, in response to some comments on my last post, the idea of doing a group read of Murakami Haruki’s IQ84 has come up. I’m wagering that this weighty tome is sitting on more bookshelves than mine, frightening the children and intimidating guests. Is there any interest among readers and my fellow bloggers for a joint assault on this imposing bit o’ literature? I am considering a June time frame, though no other details are yet clear. Any thoughts? Suggestions? Interested parties? I’d be happy to start putting something together if there is interest; otherwise it will just be me and my friend kamo setting off into peril.

[Insert Bill Pullman’s Independence Day speech here.]


5 thoughts on “Possible Murakami Group Read

  1. Obviously a yes here.

    I might also note that the original Japanese was in three separate books, which might make for convenient staging posts and make the whole affair seem slightly less daunting.

    Come on people, what’s the worst that could happen? Lose a cat, fall down a well, get flayed alive…

    OK, poor question 😦

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