1Q84 Read-Along

May is drawing to a close, so it’s time to get another plan for 2013 in motion. Two Dudes and our partner in crime at this is how she fight start are finally ready to challenge the single most foreboding book on our shelves, one that has glared haughtily down upon us whene’er we sauntered over for something new to read, and long scared the little ones at home. Yes, we are prepared at long last to tackle Murakami Haruki’s 1Q84. (I admit that this is not strictly SF, but we’ve made exceptions for magical realism in the past, and Murakami is one of my favorite writers of all time anyway, so off we go.) We would like to invite any interested readers out there to join us in this poorly planned and totally unstructured project, wherein we read madly through an admittedly heavy and intimidating tome, then post whatever (in)coherent reactions we manage onto various blogs.

I will, once things get under way, prepare a page here cataloguing all posts on any pages that I am aware of. Kamo at fight start and I may elaborate on this plan, but for now we’ll just start reading and writing when the spirit moves us. I have a couple of things to move out of the queue first, so I anticipate a reading start date around June 3-5. If anyone out there would like to join in, please leave a comment and I will know to check in with you as we start. If anyone out there has a particular request or question they would like us to attend to, ask away! I can’t promise interviews or giveaways, but will do what I can for the rest. Finally, if anyone out there isn’t going to participate, but thinks this is something worth spreading the word about, feel free to pass it on!

I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out. For now, everyone get on the wagon, don’t fall down any wells, and beware women with particularly striking ears.


3 thoughts on “1Q84 Read-Along

  1. I’m in, too. I found you from stainlesssteeldroppings, which I found from sfsignal. I just now bought the Kindle edition, and I’ll start reading tomorrow. I don’t have any particular experience doing this. It’s summer; I have time on my hands; and I love SF (which, I know, this is not). Magical realism is good, too. I finished Jo Walton’s Among Others a couple of weeks ago. I’ve read nothing of Murakami’s, but I’ve read the rave reviews. So this is just the push I need to wade in.

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