Read-Along News

Two quick announcements. First, I have now posted an index page for the entire 1Q84 Read-Along, including links to all posts here and on this is how she fight start. Plenty o’ spoilers in those, but we left warning appropriately. It’s not too late to chime in if anyone out there has opinions on the book. We’re done reading and (probably) writing about it, but conversation is certainly welcome.

Second, I am helping out with The Dragon’s Path Read-Along hosted by Stainless Steel Droppings. For the time being, Carl V. has elected to run this as a Goodreads group, with more organized posts and reviews to follow. The Goodreads page is here, for anyone wanting to jump in or just spectate. I have already finished the book, but won’t make a post until the read-along schedule is over. The discussion is entertaining though and features several members of the informal group I find myself a part of. Bonus points for anyone who figures out which one is actually me.

I don’t know of any upcoming plans, so maybe I can get caught up on my own reviews. Heaven knows I’m far enough behind as it is.


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