2013 Reading List Results

2013 Reading List Results

My reading is pretty much charted out for the balance of the year and various holiday stresses are preventing any sort of serious book writeup, so it is time to assess my 2013 Reading List. Below are quotes from the original Reading List, followed by my updates. I will include links where available, though I only reviewed about half of what I read this year. Maybe less.

Tad Williams – Memory, Sorrow and Thorn
Got to this one early in the year. The round-up, with links to individual posts, is here.

Peter F. Hamilton – Night’s Dawn Trilogy
Sorry Peter, this is too much to handle for more than one volume at a time. I reviewed the first here, and will get to the next book sometime soon.

Iain M. Banks – At least one novel, probably Excession.
Excession was the one. I am now debating whether to plow through his other books as quickly as possible, or draw it out over many years. A tough choice, now that there won’t be any more.

Steven Erikson – Whatever is next in the Malazan books.
That would be Midnight Tides, which I read just before Thanksgiving. One of these days I will write about Malazan, but it’s hard to start now that I’m halfway done.

Eric Brown – Anything
I ended up reading Bengal Station over the summer and totally meaning to review it. I also picked up Helix at a book sale, so now debating whether to read that or the Bengal Station sequel.

Bradley Beaulieu – The Winds of Khalakovo
Here. Not only that, but I have ebooks of the next two that I will start up any day now.

CJ Cherryh – Finish Cyteen. Probably read something else.
Cyteen complete! That took a long time, but was fun to write about. I also read Merchanter’s Luck and will start the Morgaine Saga next.

Haruki Murakami – IQ84
This turned into an epic read-a-thon. A round-up of posts from me and this is how she fight start is here.

Charlie Stross – Iron Sunrise, Rapture of the Nerds
Read the first, not the second.

China Mieville – The next Bas Lag books.
The Scar is here. For now, one Mieville tome per year is about right.

Something by Walter Jon Williams.
I read Aristoi last month. It was engaging and challenging, but unfortunately got lost in a mess of really great stuff and no time to write.

More LE Modesitt Jr., Stephen Baxter
I did manage Archform: Beauty but didn’t get to any Baxter.

Something in Japanese.
I read two after posting the list, but will save details for a separate article.

Mike Resnick – I should really finish the Starship series.
Struck out on this one.

Some classics.
Hmm. I read a couple, but not what I was planning on and not very many. There may be a redemption effort during Little Red Reviewer’s Vintage SF Month.


4 thoughts on “2013 Reading List Results

  1. I like Walter Jon Williams writings and have also seen him twice now at Bubonicon (held in Albuquerque). When he gives a reading, he does all the voices and is very animated.

    I recently picked up Cherryh’s Cyteen, a book I have been meaning to read for some years. So looking forward to that in the new year.

  2. Great to see your notes in review of the year.

    I hope to get to both Banks and Cherryh this year, two authors I’ve heard good things about but have yet to try.

    Looking forward to seeing what you get to in your reading in 2014.

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