2013 Reading Statistics

2013 Reading Statistics

For the statistics loving, OCD part in all of us, I too have compiled some data on my reading in 2013. It is taking all of my self-restraint powers to not crank out a pile of Excel-generated graphs and charts here; that seems a little crazed even for SF fandom.

Total books read in 2013: 67
I’m a little surprised by this number, as I expected something in the 80s. I will have to chalk this up to an above average consumption of 600+ page books this year. In fact, I believe I cracked the 1000 page barrier not once, but twice. Yikes.

Genre breakdown:
SF: 44
Fantasy: 14
Other: 8
Political science tailed off a bit this year, to be replaced by World War II books. Something lit a random fire for Pacific War history and I read three. This looks to continue in 2014, which, paired with an increase in baseball related reading, will likely see a higher proportion of non-fiction. Also, I probably read more fantasy this year than at any time since seventh grade.

White Patriarchy breakdown:
Men: 32
Women: 13
Anglo: 30
Other: 15
Disappointing numbers here for gender, though it’s not something I started thinking about until late summer. I am aiming for a more even split in 2014. No surprise at the numbers of non-US/UK writers, considering the stated Two Dudes mission to bring Japan to the fore. If I make a White Male / Everyone Else split, things push closer to even; I hope to maintain this moving forward.

English: 64
Japanese: 3
This is the highest number of Japanese novels I’ve ever read. If I can discipline myself better, the number will rise somewhat each subsequent year. (Gotta push up that reading speed.)

Total posts on Two Dudes in 2013: 60
I’m sad about this. I used to put up two posts per week, but life has intervened. I’m not sure that I can produce more this year without sacrificing length and quality, so the once per week pace will likely hold. I wonder sometimes how my blogging friends can write so much, so well. The only answer I can think of: no small children.

Category breakdown:
Reviews/Commentary: 46
Lists: 8
Misc.: 6
Housekeeping posts are inevitable. Lists increased suddenly at the end of the year, as my available review time shrank. I would like to produce more critical essays in the future, rather than just book reviews and reading lists. We shall see – those essays can take a lot of time. Taking into account combo posts, long series (1Q84 and Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn), and commentary not related to completed books, there are somewhere between 15 and 20 books I read but did not review. Ideally I would write about everything I read, but as a practical matter it is impossible. Several of these will eventually creep into 2014 posts, but that will just increase the backlog for next year.

White Patriarchy breakdown:
Men: 29
Women: 8
Anglo: 25
Other: 17
This is calculated by the main topic of the post, i.e. author gender/ethnicity, essay subject, etc. Posts lacking an identifying characteristic (announcements, genre-wide topics, etc.) were excluded from the count. As before, no surprise that non-Anglo writers feature heavily. A bigger question is whether or not Two Dudes branches out from Asia more. The gender split is dire however, and efforts will be taken to adjust that in 2014. Part of the problem stems from book reviews basically falling off a cliff after Thanksgiving. Even with the push in reading more women, I just didn’t get to writing about them.

Looking ahead, I hope to both read and write more in 2014. In both, I am pushing for greater diversity. I don’t do this by sacrificing things that I want to read and write about, but rather by seeking out new things that I want to read and write about. (I hope that distinction makes sense.) My writing time is wholly at the mercy of work, family, and music; I can only wish to balance them better this year than last.


One thought on “2013 Reading Statistics

  1. Yes the distinction makes since. It is no sacrifise to expand ones ‘norm’ and find more diverse reads, it is very rewarding and takes less effort than it looks like it will before you start.

    I love stats. Not sure why.

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