2014 Reading List

Top 20 Books to Finish in 2014

After much delay, much waffling, and a final burst of determined discipline, I have birthed this year’s reading list. I figure I’ll read 80-90 books this year (I’m at 17 but have hit a slowdown), of which many will be non-fiction, randomly chosen, or taken from an increasing pile of ARCs. I have the requisite disorganized TBR mountain and many ambitious plans to conquer it. Realistically though, the following is probably the best I can hope for.

This list represents my highest priorities for the year, culled from a number of TBR lists and series in progress. They are presented without comment, save for the following. First, there are only a few 2014 releases on here and they are all sequels or conclusions. I’m sure other new stuff is very exciting, but that’s really a list for another time. Second, I am aware that this is Anglo-Saxon men on parade. I will chalk that up to my attempts to wrap up reading projects that stretch back into my insensitive, uncaring days. Please be aware that I have the usual Japanese entries coming down the pipe and am conscious of equality efforts in my other reading. In fact, I’ve been doing pretty well this year, both in completed books and in articles published. (Alternately, readers who are needlessly offended by gender- and ethnic-equality efforts can just skip that last paragraph. Thanks, and enjoy your white, male fiction.)

Finally, if this matches up with anyone else, I’d love to jump on another read along. Or a series completion project. Or a read along of something not listed at all. Or pretty much anything, since this game is much more fun when we’re all playing it. Have a good 2014, everyone.

Cibola Burn – James S.A. Corey

An Autumn War – Daniel Abraham

On the Steel Breeze – Alastair Reynolds

Shipstar – Greg Benford and Larry Niven

The Bonehunters – Steven Erikson

Manifold: Space – Steven Baxter

The Confusion – Neal Stephenson

The Straits of Galahesh – Bradley Beaulieu

David Falkayn: Star Trader – Poul Anderson

The Quiet War – Paul McAuley

The Hostile Takeover Trilogy – Andrew Swann

Prince of Thorns – Mark Lawrence

Rimrunners – C.J. Cherryh

Inversions – Iain M. Banks

Crucible – Nancy Kress

Jhereg – Steven Brust

The Neutronium Alchemist – Peter F. Hamilton

Brain Thief – Alexander Jablokov

Ancillary Sword – Ann Leckie

The Towers of Sunset – L.E. Modesitt, Jr.


9 thoughts on “2014 Reading List

  1. I am scared of Ancillary Sword. AJ was so good, but also thrived on the WTF nature of the Ancillaries. Can she keep me hooked now that I know the world a bit better?

    I want to reread the Long Price Quartet. It has been four or five years, but I loved it so much.

    • I trust that Leckie can pull it off. Or at least I really hope she does.

      I have no excuse for not reading more Dan Abraham. He’s great, he builds entire stories around foundational economic principles, and for some reason I always put his books off.

  2. Hah! I actually have read one on your list (falls over with excitement). Mark Lawrence. You know what we should do is start a sort of little event – we’d need a button or something – just to complete one of your series each month – so 12 books, one a month, 12 series completed! bahdahbing
    Lynn 😀

  3. Ooh, ooh! Can I play?

    I’ll be reading Inversions some time in June, and On The Steel Breeze is on the TBR pile as well, so if we need a longer lead time that could be interesting. I’ll also happily sit and heckle if you decide to tackle either the Stephenson or Hamilton.

    • I would be interested in either/both of the above. I’m already behind on this list, due to a surprising pile of ARCs and a sudden plummet in available reading time, but will press on bravely.

      Also, you should definitely check out The Cusanus Game, from my last post. I think it’s up your alley.

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