Inversions Read-along

While there is a certain overlap in readership and most people out there already know about this, it’s best to cover all bases. Soooo….. I am emerging from Spring Hibernation to announce another read-along project! Just in time for the Summer Solstice! We’re going to dance ’round the maypole and read Iain M. Banks together. First, announcements on instigator/partner blogs for the sake of completeness:

This is How She Fight Start

Little Red Reviewer

I’m very excited about this because 1) Banks is amazing and reading him with friends only makes it better, 2) this will hopefully get the blog back on track after the end of a school year once again sucked away all free time, and 3) I may get to wander off on a convoluted, international politics-related tangent. Seriously, what could be better than that?

So if anyone else out there is feeling a Banksy itch, grab a copy of Inversions and hop on the train! Initial posts should be going up around the 25ish, with some follow up and discussion a week later.

(Also, I promise to have new articles up very, very soon. Please forgive the neglect.)


6 thoughts on “Inversions Read-along

  1. Woo, as Red so rightly states, hoo!

    I made a start on this last night, and I realise this might sound a little odd given that I’ve already read 5 of his books this year, but I’d forgotten just how *easy* Banks can be to read. Maybe it’s because I’ve just come off something a little more “literary”, but I got through 80 pages of this without even really noticing.

    Fun time ahead people. Fun times ahead.

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