Most Read Authors

Most Read Authors

Excellent blogger and FOTD (Friend of Two Dudes) Lynn recently posted a list of of the top ten authors by book count in her personal library. I wanted to do the same, but realized that my library is a collection of randomly purchased used books (often by the pound), grad school textbooks, and the occasional ARC. As such, it is an abysmal reflection of what I am actually reading and instead merely an indication of what one might find at local thrift stores. My list has to be a little bit different. I decided to parse my database of finished books from the last eight or nine years (has it been that long???) and write down the authors I’ve read the most of.

The usual caveat applies here: this only counts the books I have read since restarting my personal SFF craze, not everything I read as a dewy-eyed youth. That list would include a lot of Isaac Asimov, Poul Anderson, David Eddings, and (gasp) the Dragonlance crew. I kept no records then, so I will just disqualify it all and hope that I one day reread the best of it.

7-10 Books Read
Poul Anderson
Iain M. Banks
David Brin
CJ Cherryh
Glen Cook
Jack McDevitt
Jerry Pournelle
Alastair Reynolds
David Weber
Margaret Weis and Tracey Hickman

10-15 Books Read
David Drake

15+ Books Read
Eric Flint
Larry Niven

I’m not sure what the above says about me, other than I am an unapologetic Larry Niven fan, have read far too many entries in Flint’s 1632 shared universe, and relied heavily for several years in Japan on the Baen Free Library. Plenty of big names not on the list now that will be within a few months (Karl Schroeder, Neal Stephenson, Charlie Stross, Greg Benford, many others), plenty of deserving names that I am excluding because I read everything they wrote back in 90s. (William Gibson is the biggest omission.) Otherwise, this is a pretty accurate reflection of what I like.

4 thoughts on “Most Read Authors

  1. The strange thing – my list didn’t really work out as an accurate reflection of what I love most in books! More that I’m a slave to series and have a compulsion to finish them – although the 60 odd series that I still have on the go unfinished would protest that statement. Actually though that’s another problem altogether – the fact that I can’t resist picking up new books which means I’m always increasing the series base that I’m reading from – or at least increasing it at a much faster pace than I’m reading it!
    Lynn šŸ˜€

  2. Niven, Banks and Brin are pretty damn readable. I’m also running into that I’ll binge-buy an author, but it takes me forever to get through the books I’ve read. So while I own like 7 Kage Baker books, I’ve only read I think three or four of them.

    And what are your thoughts on graphic novel and manga series authors? I’ve got plenty of Jeff Vandermeer books and Steven Brust books, but I also have 27 manga volumes by Hiromu Arakawa.

    • I’m not a big consumer of drawn fiction. Despite being a huge nerd growing up, then a decade-long resident of Japan, I never got into comics or manga. My wife is the big consumer here, but we don’t have much sitting around the house. She usually binge reads at manga cafes when we go back to Japan.

  3. I have been meaning to do a books I own post since seeing that list go around last week. But for most read books I think I could do this in my sleep. Prachett, McCaffrey, Zahn would be my Spec Fic list. Tony Hillerman, Agatha Christie and the Lincoln/Child combo would take my mystery/thriller top spots.

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