Between writing something up for another site, working on a top secret post for SF Month, and collaborating with a good friend on a hilarious and philosophical project to be named later, I am out of time to make a post for this week. Instead, I’ll just share a quick look at stuff I’ve been reading and stuff I will be reading. It’ a pretty exciting list.

The last three books I finished are:

Robert Bennett – City of Stairs (Awesome in almost every way. Look for a big time post on this soon.)
Hannu Rajaniemi – The Causal Angel (The final book of a mind bending Hard SF trilogy. I’ve already got 1100+ words on paper about it.)
CJ Cherryh – Rimrunners (The token old book, but one of Cherryh’s best. Thinking of a review for this next week.)

I am currently reading:

Stephanie Saulter – Gemsigns (More heavy stuff. Definitely not light reading here.)

On hold at various libraries:

William Gibson – The Peripheral
Ann Leckie – Ancillary Sword
Greg Bear – War Dogs
Liu Cixin – The Three Body Problem

This plus a couple of good-looking ARCs from Tor; the balance of my reading year is a very exciting place to be. I mean, look at that list of new releases! This rivals 2012 for big names. Stay tuned for good stuff on Two Dudes in coming weeks.


6 thoughts on “Interlude

  1. that dog video I posted? Totally not a placeholder post, totally not. uh huh, sure.

    anyways, looking forward to your review of City of Stairs, whenever it’s ready to go up. I tried Cherryh years ago, bounced off pretty hard, so maybe your write up of Rimrunners will convince me to give her another try.

    So, you’re liking Gemsigns? YAY! Definitely looking forward to chatting with you about that one!

    • I think you’ll enjoy the City of Stairs blurb when it’s done.
      Which Cherryh did you try? She’s dense and claustrophobic, but I really like her books. Cyteen is amazing, but something like Heavy Time is probably an easier start. (For Alliance-Union at least. Not sure on other series.)

      Gemsigns is pretty unrelenting. Had to take a break today, as it’s a bit close to real life worries. (Nothing on that scale tho….)

      • I’m pretty sure the Cherryh I tried was Downbelow Station. I just wasn’t in the right mindset for it at the time. i should start with Heavy Time, then?

      • That’s my tentative rec. Jo Walton would tell you to start with the Merchanter books – Merchanter’s Luck, Rimrunners, of Tripoint. Most of Cheeryh’s Alliance-Union books are standalone. I haven’t read any of the Foreigner series, or Chanur, which are also popular.

  2. What you got from Tor? Don’t give us half the info!

    And what other site are you writing for? What is wrong with your site? Why am I not done with Ancillary Sword yet? (Oh ya, because I left my book at home today, completely ruining lunch). If 42 is the answer to everything then what, exactly, is 43?

    Out of questions.

    • Tor gave me an ARC of the Bernobich as well, really looking forward to it. I just picked up Carbide Pens (? or something?), a Ben Bova Hard SF anthology that has me drooling. Lockstep is still waiting as well.

      I have something out on spec; I’ll share gloating details if it is accepted. That particular piece consumed most writing time this week.

      The SF Month thing is an interview. I have to read up on this author before I can ask anything intelligent.

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