2014 Reading Stats

2014 Reading Statistics

For the statistics loving, OCD part in all of us, I too have compiled some data on my reading in 2014. It is taking all of my self-restraint powers to not crank out a pile of Excel-generated graphs and charts here; that seems a little crazed even for SF fandom. The numbers this year are fairly disappointing, on a number of fronts.

Total books read in 2014: 50
At the start of the year, my bus commute was over two hours round trip. In April I started a new job, with a combined bike/bus commute that provided about 40 minutes of reading time. Once rain and dark came, I started carpooling, and now I drive so I can cover afternoon kid duties. For obvious reasons, reading time has fallen off a cliff.

Genre breakdown:
SF: 33
Fantasy: 10
Other: 7
Somehow I thought I read more fantasy this year. It certainly seemed like SF got shafted in favor of swords and monarchs, but I appear to have deceived myself. Most of the “Other” were about baseball and soccer.

White Patriarchy breakdown (SFF Only):
Men: 29
Women: 8
Both: 6
Ouch. This is much worse than I thought. I was thinking it would be a much closer split, but I guess this is what happen when I don’t pay attention.

English: 43
Japanese: 0
Translations: 2
Probably the most disappointing number of all. In my defense, I didn’t finish one Japanese book that I started and am finally very close to finishing a second. Even translations suffered this year though, which is an all-time low for me.

ARCs: 9
New record! I’m not going looking for much, but haven’t said no when things come my way. These are fun, but I have to resist the urge to hunt down more things I don’t have time to read.

Total posts on Two Dudes in 2014: 58
I held steady with a just-over-one-per-week average. A couple of those are throwaways, but my writing kept pace in spite of reduced reading.

Category breakdown:
Reviews: 35
Commentary: 3
Interviews/Guest Posts: 5
Read Alongs: 4
Lists: 6
Misc.: 5
This was a banner year for guests on the blog. Through the kindness and planning of others, I was able to interview two people and host two guest posts. Exciting stuff.

Genre breakdown:
SF: 25
Fantasy: 10

White Patriarchy breakdown:
Men: 19
Women: 13
Both: 10
Japan: 4
This is calculated by the main topic of the post, i.e. author gender/ethnicity, essay subject, etc. Posts lacking an identifying characteristic (announcements, genre-wide topics, etc.) are excluded from the count. Better here than my reading, so that is heartening. Again, the overall lack of Japan or Asia-related posts is an all-time low for the blog and quite alarming. It’s definitely something to pick back up this year.

The challenge for 2015 is to adjust to my new schedule, figure out how best to keep my reading numbers up, and find a way to bump the Japanese numbers back to where they should be. I miss the reading time it provided, but I doubt I will ever go back to the long commute that powered the early days of Two Dudes.


9 thoughts on “2014 Reading Stats

  1. I am taking a new job in a couple of weeks that will probably drop my reading time. Not sure how much, but I admit that as excited as I am about the job in the back of my mind I look at what I have built on the blogging front and hope I don’t lose TOO much of that.

    Love #’s from people. I thought you had a few more fantasy reviews up too.

    • I know, right? I feel like I read nothing but fantasy this year. Weird.

      I will never willingly go back to a job on the Eastside and force myself to cross a large body of water just to get to work, but I miss that reading time. It’s really hard to carve out a space in my already limited evenings to just sit quietly and read. My hope is to eventually calm the kids enough to have family reading time every night, but somehow they keep getting wilder.

  2. Stats are definitely fascinating – for me they also really helped me to see where I needed more balance in my reading. Looks like I’m the opposite in that I lean towards reading more fantasy, but I’m going to continue pushing myself to discover more sci-fi this year.

    • I can’t recommend SF highly enough. 🙂 I’ve been slowly getting more into fantasy that before, but spaceships and cyberpunk just do it for me more than brawny men with swords. It probably says something that my favorite fantasy was City of Stairs. (And it wasn’t even close.)

  3. The perception versus actually read is fascinating. I need to take a look at that myself. I love looking at the stats…graphs wouldn’t have been too much for me. 🙂

    I find when I don’t pay attention, my reading defaults to all white male. Boo. It is particularly a problem when I try to read my whole to-read pile (which I am focusing on doing at the moment), which I mostly accumulated before I was paying attention. I thought I had the male/female ration doing pretty well and was ready to concentrate more exclusively on diversity in authors read because the male/female ratio felt like it had reached autopilot, but this month I let the pile take control and now my stats are doing quite poorly for 2015. Interesting stuff.

    • My numbers were shocking. I thought I was going 50-50 on things this year, though I was vaguely aware that my Asian SF numbers were in the tank. At least my blogging stats are a bit more equal. I think that in some ways, those numbers are even more important.

      • Oh yeah, agreed. You could be reading 80-20 male-female authors, but if you only reviewed the female authors, you would still be doing something helpful in giving them the spotlight that discrimination has made harder for them to get. My two favorite books so far this year were both written by dudes, and though in part it is because I don’t have the time to write about them right now, in part I am also consciously not writing about them because I want the spotlight to be in places where it isn’t already automatically going.

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