About Us

Pep and Jose share an appreciation for fine books, music, food, and European football. Both have been accused of being pretentious and long-winded, but neither accepts the charges.

Pep lives in the murky Pacific Northwest and shrivels in direct sunlight. He reads mostly science fiction and, on account of past work requirements, watches an increasing amount of Giant Fighting Robot Anime. Pep is fluent in Japanese and hopes to highlight obscure Asian SFF here at Two Dudes. His wife wishes he would stop trying to be a Jedi, his daughter asks him to read her Charlotte’s Web instead of The Hobbit, and (fortunately) his son demands to see more starship explosions. When not worrying about the above, Pep works the semi-pro jazz scene and prepares for the Zombie Apocalypse that, being in the NW and all, he knows will involve fighting Whole Foods buying hipster zombies.

Jose, by contrast, lives in the blasted wasteland known only as the Snake River valley.  When not doing battle with local wildlife, he attempts to make a living running a book store.   His time vacillates between playing video games, drinking, working, and trying to muscle in on his roommate’s event production company.  Like a good critic, Jose dislikes everything, often makes allusions and metaphors that may or may not be pertinent, and is firmly rooted in his need to be curmudgeonly and dislike every word of fantasy that comes across his desk.

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hmm, these two dudes sound like somebodies I might have known in another life. Suspicious. I would avoid entanglements with either–it can only lead to heartache in this life and eternal condemnation in the world to come. Or not.

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