2016 Stats

2016 Stats

I may not be capable of writing review any more, but I can at least crank out some numbers for the year! I imagine that makes everyone happy. First, let’s review a bit of the blogging disaster that was 2016.

Feb. – Switch jobs, begin a bus commute, optimism abounds for renewed reading and production.
Mar. – Stupidly agree to coach Little League. Stress rises, free time vanishes, the Spring is consumed by a very bad baseball team. (Son was ready to murder certain players by the end. Rough season.)
Aug. – Take a band on tour of Japan, also visit friends and family. Most of summer eaten up in prep. On the bright side, I did meet with blog friend Kamo, of This is How She Fight Start. Great guy and classy host. Amazing two weeks in my second home, disastrous two months for blogging.
Nov. – Wheels come off of 2016 for multiple reasons both public and private.
Dec. – Holidays commence, good bye personal time.

Missing from this year’s numbers are blog stats, because I don’t want to know. Too depressing. I had a rousing 2015, things were starting to take off, a couple of big posts went up that drew serious traffic. Then … crickets. Sorry all. Maybe 2017 will be better. I will say that I am on course to change jobs again, and back to a car commute, so I have doubts about reading numbers. On the other hand, I won’t be looking for work for the first time in several years, so that’s some time back in my evenings. (Mercifully, I should be done job hopping until the 2020s.)


Total: 49 books
Science Fiction – 17
Fantasy – 16
War – 9
Misc – 7

Couple of things to note here. First, I was on pace for 70+, so I’m not sure what happened. Second, this is the most even mix of SF and Fantasy I’ve had in decades. I don’t know if that means anything. Third, as mentioned in an earlier post, I hit a sudden SFF burnout around Thanksgiving, and have been reading war history books.

Women – 11
Men – 22

These numbers are only from SFF – war histories and memoirs are disproportionately male, so I threw those out. Proof once again that, if one isn’t paying attention, it is very easy to ignore the female half of our community. I’m not proud of it, but I have to make a special effort to read many women outside of matriarchs like CJ Cherryh, etc. Hopefully this year I can drag this particular number into balance.

Non-Anglo – 3

I read two Japanese books and one Chinese book, all in translation. (I have a book of Japanese short stories that I am crawling through. Maybe this year I will finally finish it.) I couldn’t decide how to break this down any further – basically everything I read was from the US or British Commonwealth, though several were black, Asian, etc. Some authors I don’t even know, so I decided not to do a racial breakdown. As far as I know, nothing from Europeans, Latin Americans, etc. I would like to branch out again in 2017, but still uncertain what my SFF percentage will be this year.

2014 Reading Stats

2014 Reading Statistics

For the statistics loving, OCD part in all of us, I too have compiled some data on my reading in 2014. It is taking all of my self-restraint powers to not crank out a pile of Excel-generated graphs and charts here; that seems a little crazed even for SF fandom. The numbers this year are fairly disappointing, on a number of fronts.

Total books read in 2014: 50
At the start of the year, my bus commute was over two hours round trip. In April I started a new job, with a combined bike/bus commute that provided about 40 minutes of reading time. Once rain and dark came, I started carpooling, and now I drive so I can cover afternoon kid duties. For obvious reasons, reading time has fallen off a cliff.

Genre breakdown:
SF: 33
Fantasy: 10
Other: 7
Somehow I thought I read more fantasy this year. It certainly seemed like SF got shafted in favor of swords and monarchs, but I appear to have deceived myself. Most of the “Other” were about baseball and soccer.

White Patriarchy breakdown (SFF Only):
Men: 29
Women: 8
Both: 6
Ouch. This is much worse than I thought. I was thinking it would be a much closer split, but I guess this is what happen when I don’t pay attention.

English: 43
Japanese: 0
Translations: 2
Probably the most disappointing number of all. In my defense, I didn’t finish one Japanese book that I started and am finally very close to finishing a second. Even translations suffered this year though, which is an all-time low for me.

ARCs: 9
New record! I’m not going looking for much, but haven’t said no when things come my way. These are fun, but I have to resist the urge to hunt down more things I don’t have time to read.

Total posts on Two Dudes in 2014: 58
I held steady with a just-over-one-per-week average. A couple of those are throwaways, but my writing kept pace in spite of reduced reading.

Category breakdown:
Reviews: 35
Commentary: 3
Interviews/Guest Posts: 5
Read Alongs: 4
Lists: 6
Misc.: 5
This was a banner year for guests on the blog. Through the kindness and planning of others, I was able to interview two people and host two guest posts. Exciting stuff.

Genre breakdown:
SF: 25
Fantasy: 10

White Patriarchy breakdown:
Men: 19
Women: 13
Both: 10
Japan: 4
This is calculated by the main topic of the post, i.e. author gender/ethnicity, essay subject, etc. Posts lacking an identifying characteristic (announcements, genre-wide topics, etc.) are excluded from the count. Better here than my reading, so that is heartening. Again, the overall lack of Japan or Asia-related posts is an all-time low for the blog and quite alarming. It’s definitely something to pick back up this year.

The challenge for 2015 is to adjust to my new schedule, figure out how best to keep my reading numbers up, and find a way to bump the Japanese numbers back to where they should be. I miss the reading time it provided, but I doubt I will ever go back to the long commute that powered the early days of Two Dudes.

Nov. Stats

Work, music, and life got together and decided that last week would be a good time all blow up on me, so the blog got the short end of the stick. We here at Two Dudes are uncompromising in our standards, so rather than throw together something shoddy and quick, I thought I’d put out a fun post of blog stats that has been rattling around in my head for awhile. It’s fun to keep tabs on who’s looking at what here, but there have been a few surprises. For your reading pleasure, here are our Top 10 pages and Top 10 search hits so far.

Top 10 Most Popular Pages

  1.  Salmonella Men on Planet Porno  – 99
  2.  Stories of Ibis  – 42
  3.  2011 Seiun Award Winners – 22
  4.  Space Battleship Yamato – 22
  5.  The Club Dumas – 21
  6.  NPR Top 100 SFF – 19
  7.  The Salamander War – 18
  8.  Servant of the Underworld – 16
  9.  Nausicaa – 16
  10.  The Black Company – 15

(tie)      All You Need is Kill – 15


  1. Reviewing Salmonella Men on Planet Porno was the best thing I’ve ever done for the blog.     More below.
  2. This review was tweeted by the publisher, who has since ignored everything I put up.
  3. A scoop for Two Dudes here – we had this posted before almost anyone else. It also let to a trackback related to #8.
  4. The most popular anime post.
  5. Odd, since this is the least SFF-y post on the board.
  6. NPR’s list generated a lot of traffic for a lot of sites; we were no exception.
  7. Why? This isn’t even a good book!
  8. The author came to our page when looking for Seiun info. We have since become email friends, talking about Asian culture, SF, and other interesting stuff. She directed her own blog followers here for this review.
  9. More anime. I need to get back on that train.
  10. Both generate a fair amount of traffic for old and/or niche work.

Top 10 Search Terms – I’m going to combine similar terms here for the relevant post.

  1. Japan porno, porno japan, porno, porno men, japanese porno, sf porno, porno in japan, srilankan porn pic and video (my favorite!), video porno japan, salmonella men on planet porno, japan shorts porno, j-a-p-a-n p-o-r-n-o, planet porno, japanese prno live, porno sf, men porno, porno stationary (??), porno panet (sic), attic porno hard, and a couple of others.
  2. All You Need is Kill
  3. Seiun Awards
  4. The Salamander War
  5. Aliette de Bodard
  6. Space Battleship Yamato
  7. The Moon Maze Game
  8. Mardock Scramble
  9. Spacecraft 2000-2100 AD
  10.  Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell

Honorable funny mention to: “spy on dudes,” “npr awesome flowchart,” “extra credits august 18,” “war do slamenders id,” “sexyfalms,” and “anime is awful.”


  1. A remarkable variety of terms hits for Salmonella Men. Considering how deep one would have to dig to finally reach our humble page, I must admire these men (and I’m certain they are men) for their efforts. I can only imagine the disappointment when they arrive.
  2. This seems more popular than I would have thought.
  3. Scoop!
  4. Seriously, why are people looking for this? Where to they hear about it? It’s a crap story! I’ve put up something like 50 reviews, and this outdraws almost all of them.
  5. Yay Aliette.
  6. Not sure why this outdraws Gundam. Maybe less competition?
  7. Good thing I grabbed this as soon as the book came out.
  8. I’m glad that people are finding Mardock. It deserves wide recognition.
  9. Also happy that people turn this article up. It’s a book that everyone should enjoy.
  10. I know this book is popular, so no surprise here.